LED Lighting

There are three types of underwater pool lights; Halogen, Incandescent and LED.  Most older pools don’t have LED lights and EPS is trying to help change that. LED pool lights offer the brightest color options and the longest bulb life. They also run at a fraction of the cost of incandescent lights.  At EPS, we can show you the latest in LED pool lighting options and show you how to incorporate LED pool lighting into your entire backyard living space. And of course, all of our lights have the option of being controlled by your smartphone, tablet or Alexa.  

What’s the big deal about LED Pool Lights?

  • Longer Life: Some LED bulbs are rated to last up to 50,000 hours!
  • Brighter: LED lights have a superior reflector design and lens geometry, which increases the intensity and color effects across the pool bottom.
  • Colorful: Most LED lights have pre-set colors and light shows.
  • Efficient: LED’s consume about 40W compared to the average 400W from incandescent bulbs, while emitting more lumens per watt.

For more help upgrading with LED lights, call EPS today to make an appointment!