Variable Speed Pool Pumps

Since your pool pump can be the second largest user of electricity in your home, getting rid of your old single speed pump for a more efficient variable speed pump can make a huge difference in your energy bill. Variable speed pumps give you just the right amount of power to match your pool’s needs. They are quiet, allow for better pool filtration, and work with your advanced pool water features and lighting for increased enjoyment. In addition, energy-efficient variable speed pumps add energy and dollars to your household budget, saving up to 75% in energy as compared to single-speed pumps. 

The most critical step when updating is making sure that the pump you buy fits your pool’s hydraulic requirements.  At EPS, we size the right pumps for the right pools. Additionally, EPS customers have the option to run their pools from their smart phones when they install the latest variable speed pump technology.  

Here are the three top types of pool pumps on the market today:

Variable Speed Pool Pumps – Energy savings of up to 75%

By far the best option when it comes to pool pumps, variable speed pumps are much quieter than single speed pumps and allow for a full range of speeds to easily dial in flow rates. These pumps pay for themselves quickly with energy savings. They can also make your pool more fun to own when you can control it from anywhere on your smartphone or tablet. 

Dual Speed Pool Pumps

Dual speed pool pumps have a high speed and a low speed setting. They are more efficient than single speed pumps and have a higher upfront cost. However, you will not get maximum efficiency from a dual speed pump because they cannot be fine-tuned to specific flow rates.

Single Speed Pool Pumps 

The original style of a pool pump, and also the least expensive, is the single speed pump. These always operate at the full rated horsepower speed which is 3450 RPM, and the speed cannot be adjusted. Since they only have one speed, they generally run at higher speeds than most pools need. They are the least efficient of the three kinds of pool pump available.

If you are considering buying a new pool pump, please email EPS pictures of your pool equipment pad and your swimming pool to We will get back to you promptly with a quote.