Salt & UV Systems

Types of Pool Sanitation

Pool sanitation typically relies on a chemical sanitizer or a non chemical pool sanitizer. Modern ultraviolet systems are non-chemical. All sanitizers kill or inactivate the microorganisms present in swimming pools or spa water. Chlorine, the most popular sanitizer, may be added manually or generated on site through a salt water pool system. 

Pool Sanitizers Help Achieve Comfort, Convenience & Cost Savings

Choosing the right pool sanitizers can mean the difference between enjoying your pool or not. Join millions of pool owners who have chosen salt water pools. You’ll benefit from the comfort, convenience and cost savings for which salt water pools are known.

The Three C’s of Salt Pool Sanitizers

Salt water pools are comfortable.

The natural approach to sanitization produces silky soft water that’s easy on your family’s eyes, hair, and skin.

Salt water pools are convenient.

Sit back and relax! Salt chlorinators do all the work for you. They convert ordinary salt into active chlorine without the use of harsh chemical chlorine.

Salt water pools generate cost savings.

With a salt water pool, you’ll enjoy a continuous supply of fresh, natural chlorine at a far lower cost than traditional chemical chlorine.